Taste of Ebony: Black Chefs


Ebony Magazine, 60 years old in 2007

When you put on a big show, make it count in as many ways as possible.

Ebony Magazine is celebrating Black chefs in its second-annual Taste of Ebony -- during this, the 60th year of the magazine:
The Taste of EBONY celebrates the unheralded contributions Blacks have made to the world of culinary arts. It further serves as a catalyst for people of color, particularly a younger generation, to view the many facets of the food industry as a viable path toward pursuing prestigious careers
Bill Belamy, of NBC's Last Comic Standing hosts the comedy and the tastings. The chefs include:

Taste of Ebony 2007 stars
Leon Baker
Warren Brown
Sterling Burpee
Jacqueline Cholmondeley
Timothy Dean
Brian Duncan
Robert Gadsby
G. Garvin
Jeff Henderson
Charlotte Lyons
Steven McAfee
Andre Mack
Morou Ouattara
Darryl Petty
Cliff Rome
Connie Rousseau
Marcus Samuelsson
Allan Vernon
Tre Wilcox
Melba Wilson
Marvin Woods
This is an impressive gathering, but by no means, a complete list of the top Black chefs in America. It give weight to their important contribution, though it does not bring in the great Black chefs of an older generation like Leah Chase, Sylvia Woods, and Leon West on Joe Randall's impressive list. It also misses a few more aspiring women chefs (Click here for Heart & Soul's list.). It is good to see that not only African American but African chef have been invited.

The event is not open to the public - it's by invitation only. That is certainly Ebony's and other sponsors' decision to make, but to get the message out more strongly to the public, and more importantly, to culinary students and aspiring students, Super Chef was disappointed to learn from Ebony that there is no philanthropic aspect to the event. There are no scholarships being awarded. Ebony could easily get some last minute help from an organization like C-CAP that helps inner city kids pursue culinary careers – there is still time. That would make for an even bigger show.

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