Mother's Day: Marcus Cookware


Marcus Samuelsson cookware

Let's talk pots and pans.

If you are going to give your loved one – mother, girlfriend, grandma, wife – pots and pans on Mother's Day, be sure that they are sexy and sleek, well designed and strong – everything you know she is.

What do you get?

Super Chef likes Marcus Samuelsson's new cookware.

Super Chef tested a 10-piece set of Marcus' cookware, made by Regal Ware in its West Bend, Wisconsin plant. It included:
8 qt Stock Pot with Lid
3 qt Sauce Pan with Lid
2 qt Sauce Pan with Lid
10" Saute Pan with Lid
12" Fry Pan
8" Fry Pan
It's a handy combination of sizes and shapes that will probably cover everything your mom might cook.

Marcus Cookware is well designed with heavy, extra long handles that provide balance and keep the heat away from Mom when she is pouring your favorite soup or taking a braised pork roast out of the oven – just make sure she has plenty of room in her cupboards or better yet, hang them up for all to see. The lid handles are raised high so she won't risk burning her knuckles. The pots are 3-ply stainless steel around an aluminum core, so they won't burn her food.

They are handsome and sexy – with a magnetic stainless steel finish. Sexy? Sure, these pots and pans, which come with a photo of handsome Marcus on the box, make cooking into something sexy – or as sexy as your favorite mom wants it to be. They will look good in her kitchen and remind her of you every time she uses them (and you clean up)!

Super Chef has recommended knives, cutting boards, and skewers. Now it's time for some fine pots and pans. They'll last longer than chocolates, flowers, shoes, and handbags – and there is the added benefit that Mom will invite you to dinner!

If Mom doesn't yet know Marcus Samuelsson, she soon will. He just opened Merkato 55 in New York's Meat Packing District and will open C-House, a seafood restaurant, on the ground floor of the new Affinia Chicago Hotel in June. Come this fall, she can catch him on BET J, hosting a new program called Urban Cuisine. Mom will be way ahead of the neighbors in the Cool Department.

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