In Memoriam: James Rossant

James Rossant

Super Chef has been reporting many deaths here in the latter part of 2009 but none with more regret than this week’s.

James Rossant FAIA died near Condeau, France, on December 15, 2009, of complications arising from long-term, chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL).

In addition to architect, Jim was an artist and illustrator whose work graced both restaurants and books, both in collaboration with his wife, Colette Rossant.

Restaurant designs include the ongoing Dim Sum Go Go (see New York Magazineslideshow) and the defunct Buddha Green.

Illustrations for his wife’s cookbooks include The World in My Kitchen (2006), New Kosher Cooking (1986), Colette’s Slim Cuisine (1983), After Five Gourmet (1981), A Mostly French Food Processor Cookbook (1979), and Cooking With Colette (1975).

James Rossant was my father.

Super Chef will break from publishing through the New Year. We will resume publication on January 18, 2010. We wish you the best over the holidays and a Happy New Year.

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