Valentine’s Day: Chocolate Pretzel Pizza

Sweet Secrets Chocolate Pretzel Pizza

If Valentine’s Day equals indulging your sweetheart’s very sweet tooth then get them the ultimate giant chocolate treat: a Sweet Secrets Chocolate Pretzel Pizza. This is a deep-dish Fred Flinstone-size confection of sugar and chocolate. It comes in a pizza box with a wooden mallet to break it up.

This Chocolate Pretzel Pizza is 9″ and 1.5 pounds of deliciousness. Chocolate “crust” with broken pretzels and sugar cone pieces, topped with M&M’s, chocolate cookie chunks, double chocolate chips, sprinkles, and chocolate drizzle.

It’s like biting into Willy Wonka’s latest creation. But, maybe you’d better have more than one sweetheart – or order the Chocolate Pretzel Pizza for One – that is definitely big enough to share between two. Either way, make sure to have at least a gallon of milk on hand to help to go down.

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